Camping on Veerhof

The camping is situated at the end of the traditional farm village Oostwoud. Many West Frisian characteristic farmhouses (Stolp Boerderijen in dutch) are situated in the village and give the village an authentic character. A walk through the village over the clinker paved road, surrounded by traditional farmhouses brings back memories and desire to the old days.
The farmhouse originating from 1906, beautiful situated in a web of channels, has been served the farming business almost for a century. Due to the limiting and decreasing agricultural activities in 2000 the decision has been made to continue within the recreational business. Starting point was that the authentic agricultural character has to stay intact as much as possible.

Further endeavors have been made to preserve the cozily authentic character, which is being emphasized by the authentic fruit orchard, vegetable garden and collection old tools.

An impression

The camping is set-up as a passers camping with a limited quantity of fixed seasonal places (15). The openings season is running from 1st of April to 30th of September.

The camping is accommodated with a privat waterways and a port were small recreational vessels can be moored. Our landing facilities are also accommodated with plugs to recharge your electrical recreational vessel. We do let-out canoe’s and small vessel (up to 7 persons) driven by electrical engines which can take you through the nearby surroundings and even up to the city of Medemblik.