We warmly welcome you to the website of Camping Veerhof

Camping Veerhof guarantees a varied holiday in West-Friesland, the North-Holland Region situated between the Northsea Beaches and the Ijsselmeer inner lake.

The “Veerhof” ranch from which the camping originates, is inhabited by Cor and Ria Spijker being the 10th generation Spijker. Since 1780 our ancestors have been living and cultivating this place.

We have a strong connection with this place, where peace, a green surrounding and living with nature dictates our daily life.
This life we would like to share with you and we therefore invite you to explore this site to investigate whether you are inspired to become our future guest.

We hope to see you soon.

Kind regards, Cor and Ria Spijker

When it's a bit cold

kachel hurenIt may be fresh at times. You can rent a heater for only € 3, – per day. You can buy wood from us so the neighbors do not suffer from the smoke.

The church owl at Veerhof

Holliday Cottages on the Beach

Camping Veerhof let-out also holliday cottages on the beach in the villages Callantsoog and Groote Keeten very close to the beach. The cottages are located very close to the beach, directly onto the beach access. The comfortably decorated coattages, “Dubbelduin” (6 persons) and “De Sande: (2 persons) are very popular by beachlovers and are heated and insulted and perfectly liveable all year round. Both cottages are located at the same plot and therefore perfectly suited for family holidays, grandpa/grandma and children.

For lease opportunities you can contact Aan Zee in Bergen +31(0) 88 190 0180 or visit www.aanzee.com and search for cottages “Dubbelduin” and/or “De Sande”.

Cottage de Sande
Cottage Dubbelduin