The ranch consists of approximately 15 hectare of land, from which 4 hectare is currently used as camping for approximately 50 camp spots, all accommodated with drinking water, electricity (6A) and a sewage channel.

Two toiletblocks are available with in total 14 toilets, 8 showers, 3 private washroom and 15 sinks.

Services for cleaning vegetables and clothes are available at the outside of the toiletblocks including hot water service. Chemical toilet facilities, to empty the reservoir of your RV are available as well in the vicinity of the toiletblocks.

Some camp fields are accommodated with drinking water taps for common use besides the available privat drinking water taps at the camp spots.

For our little guests we have created a mini playground.

At the privat port electrical sockets are available to charge electrical vessels.

As can be seen from the ground plan, the camping is surrounded by sailing water which can be used to explore the surrounding villages and nature areas by canoe or boat.